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FortCraft™ Creative Building Kit

FortCraft™ Creative Building Kit

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"My kids love this! It's a great toy for nurturing teamwork and creativity. Not a day passes that their fort is not standing somewhere in the house packed with pillows and other toys which is great since it means less time spent in front of a screen." - Lara M.

Nurture your child’s creativity with this FortCraft Creative Building Kit and help nurture their physical and mental development through creative and constructive play.


FortCraft Creative Building Kit's simple stick and ball design allows for endless building possibilities from simple tents to elaborate forts with the only limit being your child’s imagination. A great alternative to digital devices.


The FortCraft Creative Building Kit is a great toy for playdates and parent-child bonding allowing your child to develop many crucial social skills such as sharing, teamwork, and leadership.


The fort-building kit helps improve a child’s cognitive and fine motor skills through creative and open-ended play, boosting their early development and putting them in a great position as they start their education.


  • Building toys are known to improve children's strength, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Toys that foster collaboration help kids develop stronger social skills and higher emotional quotient (EQ).
  • Hands-on play provides kids with an engaging activity that helps reduce their dependence on electronic devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many kids can fit inside?
      Our basic FortCraft kit is capable of fitting 2-3 kids inside. However, this depends on the design of their fort as some will be more spacious than others. To accommodate more children or build a castle, please consider getting a larger kit or multiple kits.

    • Can it hold up a blanket or sheet?
      Yes. Forts can hold up most non-padded bed sheets and blankets. You can also opt to get our kits that come with a tent to keep your kids from rummaging through your fresh sheets.

    • Is it suitable for all ages?
      Yes. FortCraft Creative Building Kit is designed for kids aged 1 to 101. As long as they can fit inside it, they can fully experience the fun that only fort-building can provide!

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