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Baby Crawling Knee Pads - 2 Pairs Set

Baby Crawling Knee Pads - 2 Pairs Set

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Let your child explore their surroundings in safety by equipping them with our Anti-Slip Baby Knee Pads.


Designed to fully cover your baby’s knees, these pads insulate their soft skin from the floor keeping them safe from bruises, scrapes, and carpet burns as they crawl around.


Made from a soft and stretchy cotton blend, our Anti-Slip Baby Knee Pads are meant to be form-fitting and breathable. The pads can also be extended up to 6 inches (15cm) allowing them to fit toddlers up to 24 months of age.


In addition to comfy padding, these baby leggings also feature an anti-skid silicone pad to provide sufficient friction and help stabilize your baby’s legs as they move.


OurAnti-Slip Baby Knee Pads come in a variety of pastel colors allowing them to be easily mixed and matched with your baby’s existing clothes or given as a baby shower gift.

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