The Best Jewelry Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

Who doesn’t like a little bling?
Our love affair with accessories goes back centuries and seems we won’t tire of them anytime soon. So with the holidays fast approaching, it’s always a good idea to add a few shiny items to your gift shopping list.

Jewelry gifts, after all, are known for their longevity and sentimentality. Couple this with a wide-ranging appeal that goes beyond age or gender and you just can’t go wrong with giving one to family and friends. 

Each being dedicated to a specific person in your life, these handmade jewelry serve as a tangible reminder of your affection and appreciation. Keepsakes that they can wear and treasure for years to come.

For Your Beautiful Wife - The Forever Love Necklace

For that special woman in your life, nothing compares to this exquisite Forever Love Necklace. 

Finished in either 14K white gold or 18K yellow gold, its crystal-embellished pendant features a flawless 6.5mm zirconia crystal at its center, symbolizing her exclusive place in your heart.

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For Your Husband - My Everything Cross Necklace 

Husbands are notoriously hard to shop for. That being said, many of them will surely appreciate the stylish My Everything Cross Necklace that is perfect for everyday wear.

Made from surgical-grade steel and finished in 14K white gold, the large cross pendant is combined with a snake chain necklace to create an accessory that just radiates healthy masculine energy.

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From Dad To Daughter - The Interlocking Hearts Necklace

A dainty gift for your darling princess, this Interlocking Hearts Necklace is the perfect reminder that she will always be daddy’s little girl.

A heart-shaped pendant embellished with zirconia crystals and finished with 14K rose gold is interlinked with another crafted from polished surgical steel. The end result is a beautiful necklace that conveys the never-ending love between father and daughter.

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To The New Mom - The Alluring Beauty Necklace

The arrival of new life is always worth celebrating and the Alluring Beauty Necklace makes for a wonderful gift to an amazing new mom.

Handcrafted from polished surgical steel and finished in 14K white gold, the ribbon-shaped pendant features a large zirconia crystal for that perfect amount of sparkle that is sure to charm the soon-to-be mom.

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For My Soul Sister - The Unbiological Sister Necklace

For the sibling you chose, the Unbiological Sister Necklace serves as a tangible reminder of the love and appreciation you have for your bestie.

Two zirconia crystal-embellished hearts, one finished in 14K white gold and the other in 14K rose gold, are interlocked together, signifying the unbreakable bond you share with your best friend that goes beyond familial ties.

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For My Dearest Friend - The Friendship Anchor Necklace

We all have a friend who stood by us through life’s highs and lows. Our unisex Friendship Anchor Necklace conveys your gratitude and reminds them that you will also do the same.

In the same way that a trusted friend calms even the darkest of life’s storms, this necklace’s anchor-shaped pendant secures a heart at its center. Made from surgical steel and finished in 18K yellow gold, it’s the perfect gift to celebrate your friendship.

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Jewelry gifts need not be expensive, especially sentimental ones. That being said, being inexpensive doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and Dearly Gift lets you get the best of both worlds.

Handcrafted by hardworking moms right in the USA, these accessories are the perfect holiday gift and convey your love and gratitude to friends and family much better than any greeting card. 

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Happy Holidays!