Why Montessori Toys Are Ideal For Child Development

Toys are indispensable to a child’s early development. Not only do they provide entertainment but they allow them to test their physical and mental capabilities.

But there is one class of toys that for decades has been touted as influential when it comes to developing young minds. Toys purposely made to be learning tools and inspired by an entire teaching philosophy: Montessori toys.


Named after Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, Montessori toys are the embodiment of her approach to teaching that prioritized independence and choice. Thus, these toys place great emphasis on developing children’s imagination, logic, curiosity, problem solving skills, all with minimal supervision.

With a minimalist design and a lack overwhelming color palettes, they ensure that the child’s mind can wander and learn freely during play with little to no distractions. As a result, Montessori toys have found a place in many a classroom, including those that do not necessarily inspired by Maria Montessori’s ideals.

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The major benefit of Montessori toys is that children engage their minds as they play. They are required to make use of their imagination and are given simple challenges that in turn help teach them vital skills.

The toys also lets children explore their senses, feeling the weight, texture, and density of the toy, seeing the unique grains of the wood and smelling its natural scent. These all work together to increase their awareness of the world around them.


Montessori’s teaching philosophy emphasized a libertarian approach all while tapping into children’s inquisitive nature. As a result, the toys named after her put great focus on teaching the value of soft skills like independence, adaptability, and learning from mistakes.

Combined with the practical lessons they provide in subjects like math and science, Montessori toys provide a holistic approach to playtime that help children get a grasp of real life even at a very young age.

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The beauty of Montessori toys is in their simplicity. Often made from a single material and featuring minimalist design elements, they keep kids focused more on the act of playing rather than gawking at quirky features and flashing lights.

In addition to the decreased mental load, the toys' plain nature ensures that kids can play with them with minimal instructions from parents or teachers which again builds into Montessori’s goal of providing kids as much autonomy as possible.


With toddlers, toys inevitably end up in mouths of whoever is playing with them. This is a big issue especially with plastic toys as pieces can easily break off and cause harm.

Montessori toys by the nature of their design are made to be durable and safe for children. Often made from unpainted wood or metal and lacking any small parts or toxic add-ons like batteries, they decrease the risk of injury even when playing without adult supervision.


Most modern toys, regardless of quality, are made in factories using plastics and a plethora of other materials. This can pose a plethora of problems when they reach the end of their life and have to be disposed of, more often than not ending up in landfills rather than a recycling plant.

Being made from biodegradable or easily-recyclable materials, Montessori toys’ environmental impact is almost negligible. Their durability also means that they can often last years allowing them to be passed on to family and friends, even across generations, further limiting any potential adverse environmental impact.


Over the years, thousands of parents have found Montessori toys to be superior to regular plastic toys in terms of quality and benefits. They provide a greater learning experience with very little downside.

Montessori toys also provide a great alternative to electronics as they can deliver the same experience provided by most games geared towards toddlers. This helps in cutting down screen time without necessarily depriving them of entertainment.

Even if you want your children to enjoy modern toys bring, having a bit of both isn’t a bad idea. In the end, kids will make play with whatever they toy they have. It’s only a matter maximizing their playtime by giving them the opportunity to learn a thing or two about the world around them.

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